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• Monday, October 05th, 2015

If you own a home, you have a say in what type of flooring you have. Some people like the modern look of polished porcelain tiles. Others prefer to the nostalgic feel of hardwood timber flooring. But personal tastes aside – which do you think is better for the environment?

There has been much controversy about the use of timber flooring and its impact on the environment. First of all, there is considerable pollution produced by the heavy duty machines needed to fell and process the trees into timber. Then there are chemicals used to treat the timber which some say cause damage to the environment as well. Others fear that the use of hardwood flooring contributes to deforestation and related problems.

But are tiles or carpet any better for the environment. Not at all, in our opinion. Carpet is made from the hair of animals or from synthetic material. If made from cotton there is a whole range of other problems which impact the environment.

The truth is, much of the timber used in hardwood timber flooring is obtained through sustainable means. On of the biggest problems for home owners is the upkeep required. Timber flooring shows up the dust a lot more than tiles and carpet, and has to be refinished every 10-20 years. Some people learn how to DIY, but for the vast majority they have to use a floor sanding company

So if you decide to go with the bio-friendly flooring choice of hardwood timber flooring, choose a floor sanding company you can trust to do your floors. A good place to see if they have a good reputation or not is by visiting their Yelp page. If there are no bad reviews you can be pretty sure their reputation is okay. Also look to see what others have said about them on Google+ or other websites.

Timber flooring is just incredible stuff. You can use it on your timber deck, around the pool, and in your entertaining areas. Even if you just have a room or 2 in your house which utilise timber floors, you will be helping the environment!
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