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   Na:Pac  Containers & Lids

Na:Pac is one of the leading manufacturers in food packaging, providing tailor-made designs as well as total packaging solutions, such as leak-proof lids and containers with a barrier layer for specific food packaging making them perfect for soups or hot juicy meals

After extensive research in the food service industry Na:Pac have developed a range of environmentally friendly containers and lids that are suitable for Asian cuisine, pasta's and much more.

Na:Pac containers and lids carry a world wide patent and have been awarded an international hygienic certificate.

Na:Pac containers and lids are 100C water resistance and 150C oil resistance, microwavable and biodegradable.


Na:Pac Product Range: Container and lid


CR230 ---- 8oz Square Container


CR340 ---- 12oz Square Container


CRL020 ---- Lid FOR 8/12oz Container


CR500 ---- 500ml Rectangle Container


CR650 ---- 650ml Rectangle Container


CRL040 ---- Lid for 500/650ml
Rectangle Container


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